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(Credit: L Devine)


L Devine releases new single 'Girls Like Sex'


English electro-pop star L Devine has previewed the first taste of her upcoming release Near Life Experience: Part 1 with the hilarious and pointed single ‘Girls Like Sex’.

“For me, this song is about reclaiming my sexuality and flipping the tired old narrative that sex is for men and feelings are for women on its head,” Devine says. “I want the song to empower women having casual sex.”

You couldn’t get any simpler or more straightforward than the chorus: “Girls like sex, are you stupid/Did you forget”. I both laughed out loud and thought it was pretty awesome when the line “Shut the fuck up and just kiss my neck/And kiss it again” came around. If you’re looking for subtlety, you’ve wandered into the wrong song. If you’re looking for some killer disco pop that’s unafraid to be as blunt as a slap in the face, you’ve come to the right place.

‘Girls Like Sex’ is certainly funny, but it’s more than a joke song. Instead, it’s an unabashed, uninhibited ode to free-living and carnal knowledge. “Playing innocent, not trying to be your wife/ What I’m trying to say: I want you”. The idea that you can be full of lust and desire without it being a bad thing isn’t exactly novel, but it’s not a universally touted ideal either. Devine is the perfect pop star to represent the less romantic, more immediate side of love.

“Production-wise, I love how the song disguises itself as sweet and innocent to begin with but then the pay-off is so tough and dirty,” she continues. “It’s basically a ‘fuck you’ with a smile! I wanted to make sure the song came out in time for Pride as I feel queer icons and queer artists have always been the artists who weren’t afraid to talk about sex in their music and make it fun and liberating.”

Check out the audio for ‘Girls Like Sex’ down below. Near Life Experience: Part 1 is set for a July 23 release.