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L.A. Witch have been robbed and they desperately need your help

L.A. Witch, the raucous and brilliant band from the West Coast, have been left devastated after their van was burgled after a show in Bristol.

The thieves stole over $4000 worth of gear, leaving the band’s European tour in doubt after just their third show of an extensive schedule which was supposed to see the band play across England, France, Germany and Denmark.

Due to the heartbreaking setback, L.A. Witch have issued a critical plea for help in order to get them back on their feet.

Help L.A. Witch. 

“After our show in Bristol we woke up to the front passenger window and door smashed in on our tour van,” the bad wrote on Facebook. “We are absolutely devastated as it is only the 3rd show of a month-long European/UK Tour. $4000+ worth of stolen items were all labeled with our band name, Sade’s name and email.”

“If anyone in the U.K./Europe has any of these items they would be willing to lend us for the tour, or help us replace, please let us know,” they added.

“We’re still a small band and we travel on a very tight budget, and had been hoping to break even. We love touring and playing music, and we really want to be able to finish out the rest of this tour. We started a GoFundMe to help replace the items that were stolen, any little bit would help so much.

“Thank you to everyone for their love and support over the years, it means everything to us!

“If the good people of Bristol could keep an eye out for these stolen items, we would be forever grateful. We’re also looking to fix the smashed window and door as soon as possible so we can continue the tour tomorrow, and our insurance won’t cover the fix, if anyone has any tips they would be greatly appreciated as well!”

Please, if you can spare anything to help the band, donate to their Go Fund Me page, nobody deserves to be fucked over this bad.