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In search of the musical treasure Far Out readers are now accustomed to, Saturday’s Track of the Day sees us cross the water once more and this time we’ve docked in Los Angeles, and it’s safe to say that the anchor won’t be hoisted for a good while yet. Why? Well it should be obvious after the first thirty seconds of ‘Get Lost’ by L.A Witch works it wicked reverb drenched black magic on your heart and mind.

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The trio have been described in all manner of eclecticism as critics readily cite The Kills, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Kurt Cobain and Kim Deal as artists exuding similar sonic ferocity, and I too would agree, yet I feel that this song in particularly, and the mood it so blatantly states, sounds more like an interpretation of an Aleister Crowley sermon more than any contemporary noise makers.

Get Lost is one of those tracks where the sentiment and music match perfectly, in this case we get the self scathing lyrics coalescing beautifully (in that dark, twisted, distorted Rock&Roll beauty) with bouts of malevolent base and THAT lead riff…you know what I mean.

L.A Witch are set to play the Burgerama Pre-Party March 30th with The Orwells, Corners, Thee Rain Cats and Australian band Twin Peaks whom we covered some months ago, before gracing the Desert Daze festival with a whole host of other talented sonic  architects. Let’s just hope that one day, they turn up to singe England’s green and pleasant pastures.

Joshua Hevicon

The band’s debut EP will be released March 18th via Manimal Vinyl