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Kylie Minogue was disappointed by her Glastonbury Festival set despite it being the most viewed ever


Legendary pop singer Kylie Minogue took to the Pyramid stage at Glastonbury Festival this year to rapturous applause. Kylie had given a top performance in the Sunday ‘legends’ slot, but Minogue has revealed she was less than impressed with it.

The revelation comes with an interesting caveat that the performance, despite Minogues review, has gone on to become the most viewed Glastonbury performance of all time. The BBC reported that viewing figures show that around 3.2million people tuned in to watch her set, with the performance peaking at 3.9million during the close.

While the set featured both Nick Cave and Coldplay’s Chris Martin, Kylie told GQ she was less than enthused by the recognition it’s received. “My reaction was so at odds with the response and the reception it got,” she said.

“I hadn’t done it as well as I wanted. I’ve always been so hypercritical. Was this supposed to be the pinnacle of my career? It’s not good enough. I’m better than that.”

“I mean, I am fine now. Sort of. I guess I had to go through that, watch it, look at it objectively and get that out of my system. It just wasn’t perfection in my eyes,” Minogue claims.

She has found some solace in the performance though, admitting: “I have to learn to let it live, as it was for everyone else.”

Watch Kylie perform ‘Spinning Around’ from her legendary set.