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Kurt Vile shares brand new song


Kurt Vile has released his new song ‘Timing Is Everything (And I’m Falling Behind)’.

The track has been shared exclusively to Amazon Music and, according to Vile, is “a candid snapshot of KV and the Violators ‘at home,’ where we like it: sparse and jangly and as live as possible.”

The track comes just a couple of months after Vile released his eighth studio album Bottle It In which was recorded with various producers in numerous studios and cities to fit alongside Vile’s hectic touring schedule.

This particular single was recorded in Athens, Georgia alongside Violator Kyle Spence. Vile confirmed in a statement that this single only just missed the cut for Bottle It Inhe said: “This jam was one of many contenders for the last album, but we gonna start peeling em off for ya now instead.”

Here it is: