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Kurt Vile returns with new song 'Like Exploding Stones'

Kurt Vile - 'Like Exploding Stones'

American indie rocker Kurt Vile has returned with his first brand new music in two years with the epic seven-minute single, ‘Like Exploding Stones’.

Featuring goofy and loopy lyrics that reference pinball and guitar feedback that happens in real-time, ‘Like Exploding Stones’ never strains or even sweats itself very much at all. Vile seems happy to just let the languid track sprawl and slink along for as long as he wants, unfurling new insights and wonky guitar lines whenever they seem to suit him. It’s stoner heaven, just like a lot of Vile’s work, and for fans, it will surely be a welcome return.

Evidently, that attitude is bleeding over to his new album, which finally has a title and a release date. Watch My Moves will be Vile’s first record released by major label Verve Records, but if anyone was worried that a jump to a more “professional” label was going to change Vile’s style, ‘Like Exploding Stones’ confirms that nothing of the sort is set to happen.

In fact, Vile’s jump to Verve actually caused the singer to go more lo-fi and home-focused, having recorded most of the new record at his home studio, OKV Central. “When Waylon Jennings became an outlaw country artist, he liked to record at Hillbilly Central, which was Tompall Glaser’s studio,” Vile said in a statement. “OKV Central is my version of that in Mount Airy. I’ve come into my own here, and at the same time I’m getting back to my home-recording roots.”

“It’s about songwriting. It’s about lyrics. It’s about being the master of all domains in the music,” Vile says of Watch My Moves. “I’m always thinking about catchy music, even though it’s fried, or sizzled, out. It’s my own version of a classic thing — it’s moving forward and backward at the same time.”

Check out the video for ‘Like Exploding Stones’, plus the tracklisting for Watch My Moves, down below. Watch My Moves is set for an April 15th release.

Watch My Moves tracklisting:

1. ‘Goin On A Plane Today’
2. ‘Flyin (Like A Fast Train)’
3. ‘Palace Of OKV In Reverse’
4. ‘Like Exploding Stones’
5. ‘Mount Airy Hill (Way Gone)’
6. ‘Hey Like A Child’
7. ‘Jesus On A Wire’
8. ‘Fo Sho’
9. ‘Cool Water’
10. ‘Chazzy Don’t Mind’
11. ‘(Shiny Things)’
12. ‘Say The Word’
13. ‘Wages Of Sin’
14. ‘Kurt Runner’
15. ‘Stuffed Leopard’