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Kurt Cobain's obsession with 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind'


Artists have all kinds of obsessions, especially by other art in different mediums that inspire them, and Kurt Cobain is no different. Of course, Kurt Cobain was an iconic musician who had a huge impact on music and history, and he inspired so many people with his artistry.

It’s enough to make you wonder about some of the things he loved, both musically and beyond. And while there are plenty of things that are public knowledge, a list of his 50 favourite records has long been the toast of the grunge scene, it’s always great to get to know new, undiscovered favourites from historical stars. It almost feels like getting to know them and their work just a little bit better.

So, what’s something a little bit unexpected that Kurt Cobain had an affinity for? The film Close Encounters of the Third Kind, for starters. Yes, as a young teenager, Kurt Cobain used to be obsessed with the Steven Spielberg film. In fact, he apparently knew it so well and had seen it so many times that he could recite the dialogue off by heart, which, as you’ll know, takes a lot of watch time.

In addition to knowing all the lines to the film, Cobain also copied Richard Dreyfuss’s obsessive mashed potato sculpting from the movie, which is an entirely different level of dedication. 

Close Encounters of the Third Kind is a film about trying to contact alien intelligence, which is actually something Cobain had a deep connection to. Although you might not expect Kurt Cobain to be the kind of person to believe in aliens, but he actually had quite the personal connection to them. 

In an interview, Cobain waxed poetic once about his connection to aliens, “I always wanted to think that I was an alien. I used to think when I was young that I was adopted by my mother because they found me and a spaceship let me off. I was from a different planet. I wanted to be from a different planet really bad. Every night, I used to talk to my real parents and my real family in the skies.”

Even though the quote comes off more metaphorical than literal, that seems almost more fitting when it comes to an attachment to a fictional story that centres around aliens. 

If you want to hear Kurt Cobain talk about this in his own words, you can find his interview clip linked down below.