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The handwritten letter pre-fame Kurt Cobain sent to his grandparents, 1988


Stepping back into the Far Out Magazine ‘From The Vault’ section, we’ve uncovered a handwritten letter scribed by Nirvana’s enigmatic frontman Kurt Cobain. It proves that he was all heart underneath it all.

The letter, addressed to his grandparents, dates back to 1988 when a pre-fame Cobain was preparing for the Christmas holidays as Nirvana ramped up their recording process. It would lead to their eventual singing to Sub-Pop records.

Famously, Cobain’s grandparents actively pushed the musician to pursue his artistic side from a young age and had a major role in his development. They helped a young Kurt stay connected with his heart and allowed his hard rock style to have a slightly sweetened edge.

In his letter, the Nirvana frontman explains his band’s tour preparations and explained how he had been in the studio laying down tracks for their now-iconic debut album, Bleach. Heartbreakingly, for those all too aware of Cobain’s tragic death, he explains that the time of writing the letter he is “happier than I ever have been.”

“Dear long lost grandparents,” the Nirvana frontman begins. “I miss you very much, which is no excuse for my not visiting.” It’s a stunning reflection of his connection with his Grandparents and marks the singer out as one of the most vulnerable frontmen of all time.

He continues: “I’m very busy living in Olympia when I’m not on tour with my band. We’ve put out a single just recently and it has sold out already. We are recording for our debut LP this Monday which will be released in March.

“In February we are going on tour again to California, then we’ll be back in April only to take a break, then the road again. I’m happier than I ever have been. It would be nice to hear from you as well. Merry Christmas, love Kurt.”

See the note, below.

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