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Kristen Stewart reveals collaboration with Scottish band Chvrches


American actress Kristen Stewart is making music with electro pop band Chvrches.

Chvrches, who are currently in the middle of recording their third studio album, have been working with Stewart for some time on a project to raise awareness of Planned Parenthood.

“I had been asking them to let me do something for them for a while, they’re so good,” Stewart told the LA Times.

“They’re so good. I ended up with a pretty simple but definitive narrative arc that highlights the cause in a sweet but quiet and confronting way.”

Without revealing what her role would be in the new project, The Times explained how it would in fact be a “musically oriented piece”. As speculation grows, it is thought that the 26-year-old actress directed an unreleased video for Chvrches single ‘Downside of Me’, from the 2015 record Every Open Eye.

The planned parenting angle, thought to be directly aimed at United States president Donald Trump, comes after Stewart experienced first hand conflict with Trump in regards to comments made via his Twitter page in reference to her then relationship with Robert Pattinson.

“I’ve never been the most politically charged person, but I think at this point, it’s not political. It’s f*cking so humanitarian,” she added.