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Kitten Claws - Ambitious Girl

From the eastern French town of Bresancon comes one of the most perfect Sunday records I have heard in a long time, Kitten Claws and their drifting, shangri-la pop number ‘Ambitious Girl’ is our Unsigned Sunday pick this week.

There’s very little i can say to further explain what a sunshining beacon of ditty filled nuance this track really is. The band display such an effervescence throughout their work that the pop sensibilities of ‘Ambitious Girl’ seem honest and cemented within them and their ethos. ‘Ambitious Girl’  does however move away from Kitten Claws’ more surf rock sound which dabbles with the fuzzy West Coast 60′ sound and has a little more bite to it’s bark.

The array of sounds is only further embellished with the languid and laconic guitars which drift so gently throughout ‘Ambitious Girl’, they float down river like a fallen leaf. Fitting then, that this track filled with summer love and heartbreak finds it’s way to Far Out as the last gasps of sun die out and winter edges ever closer. If i was you i would grab that last ray and enjoy it with Kitten Claws and ‘Ambitious Girl’.


Jack Whatley