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Kitsuné - New Faces II


Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Everybody’s favourite French record label Kitsuné are back with their latest serving of new music. New Faces II picks off from where last year’s edition left off, delivering 15 new artists to the forefront of the electronic music scene.  And oh boy – it’s good.

Opening up with Beau and the beautifully haunting echoes of ‘One Wing,’ catching you unaware with their simple yet strapping acoustics. It will capture your imagination and make you feel like you can take on the world. It’s a blinding first track and you will be hankering for more.

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Next are Oslo Parks with the every-so catchy ‘Twin’ to loosen your neck muscles and get your head nodding in agreement. With such a smooth blending of beats and lyrics, it’s an instant winner.

‘Susifine’ is an uplifting soft rock track from Canadian five-piece Heat. Think warm weather, an old convertible and long open roads. The perfect musical accompaniment to that road trip you are dreaming about.

Excitement surrounds the announcement that Al and Felix from Hot Chip are doing their own thing in the form of New Build. ‘Look in Vain’ does not disappoint with serious style points scored right from the start.

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The favourite track comes from British crossover act Rivrs. ‘Last Love’ describes that all too familiar yearning in the most excellent way that you will struggle to believe is their debut. It’s engaging. It’s emotional. No tears please.

Some of the best vocals on the album are from Marion Hill in deconstructed R&B track ‘Got It’. It’s far from ordinary with outlandish beats that Beyonce would be proud of; you can count on this being a hit.

German duo Mocki are up next with ‘Weekend’. Featuring lyrics such as “I only want you on the weekend” and “so good to me” I have finally managed to find a song that sums up my feelings towards Eggs Benedict.  A lot of fun, it’s yet another leading track.

[youtube_sc url=”” width=”600″ height=”200″]

‘Won’t Hold Back’ gets you dreaming of summer with it’s steel drums and maximum beach party vibes. The first EP from two-piece One Bit, it’s an impressive mix of indie–electronica that totally deserves a press of the repeat button.

Drawing the album to a close in the form of a bonus track is the majestic ‘Shibuya’ from 18-year-old music maestro Mura Masa. Despite being one of the youngest acts on here he is already bossing electronic music in this seamless production. This guy is one to watch.

And it’s over. 54 minutes of weaving you through genres and emotions and releasing you safely out the other side. New Faces II encompasses the musical diversity and fun of a day festival without the mud and overpriced bottled cider. Every act an abundance of originality and innovation, Kitsuné have succeeded in showcasing the freshest of new music. Although most of them are only mere bairns to the industry, there is no doubt that they are the crème de la crème in the making.

Tamsin Roser