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Kiran Leonard gets political on 'Working People' & announces new EP

Manchester-based singer-songwriter Kiran Leonard has shared a brand new single and made his new EP Abandoning Noble Goals available via Bandcamp.

The teenage wordsmith has streamed ‘Working People’, along with an explanation of the song’s subject matter, citing some of the the issues he sees with the drudgery of the political elite.

Although the track certainly couldn’t be seen as an all-out protest, Leonard talks of how the lyrics seek to highlight the plight of some of those who are forgotten in society.

In particular, former soldier and diabetic David Clapson, who died two years ago after having his benefits discontinued meant the electric supply to the fridge that stored his insulin was cut off.

Leonard explains: “both of the uk’s main political parties are particularly fond of saying that they represent “working people”. on the one hand, they might simply be addressing who they claim to be addressing – individuals in work – but it’s also a subtle dismissal of people who don’t work because they are unable to.

“essentially, it’s an implicit distancing from people who claim benefits. “look at us, we don’t tolerate scroungers”, to put it bluntly.”

Kiran Leonard will be performing live at upcoming festivals including Green Man and End of the Road.

Listen to “Working People’ by Kiran Leonard below and head to his Soundcloud page to read his thoughts on the track in full.