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King Princess shares new single 'For My Friends'

King Princess - 'For My Friends'

American singer-songwriter Mikaela Mullaney Straus, better known to the wider world as King Princess, has dropped a brand new single, ‘For My Friends’.

Highly electronic and amorphous, ‘For My Friends’ throws as many hooks and melodies into the arrangement as Straus can muster. A heartfelt rumination on the everlasting power of friendship, Straus shines a light on the people who can steal your clothes and throw up on your carpet without you ever being able to stay mad at them.

“I thought it would be extra fab to begin releasing this new record with a song about my two best friends from high school,” King Princess says. “These girls have been through the pits with me, and the more time I spend with them as an adult, the more I’m reminded that they are my home. So thank you my angel horse queens for sticking with me. I love you all and I can’t wait to give you this song.”

The song has some fascinating production, including industrial drum beats that pound away as synth lines alternate between twinkling pop, disintegrating psychedelia, and world-conquering noise. The only problem is that it’s all relatively haphazard: Straus never really gets a chance to sink her teeth into a line before she replaces it with another good, but not fully fleshed out one.

‘For My Friends’ is going to be an easy charmer for the King Princess faithful, mainly because of its endearing themes and compliance with Straus’ well-established sound. It’s unlikely to make any new converts, however, and stays right in the middle of Straus’ discography. Not good, not bad, just another decent song.

Check out the video for ‘For My Friends’ down below.