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King Krule shares new video for his song 'Biscuit Town'

King Krule has revealed a new video for his song ‘Biscuit Town’.

The clip, directed by cc Wade, shows Krule’s Archy Marshall looking out over a cardboard city. The song, which happens to be the opening track of the band’s most recent album The OOZ, was released via XL Recordings/True Panther Sounds.

“I think it’s interesting because there is a level where you’ve got to match the song,” Marshall told WeTransfer when talking about the new video. “There’s quite a hi-fi sound in it, in the actual track. There’s a really hi-fi synth line that goes throughout it, that string, and I think that matches with the camera quality,” he added.

Krule’s album The Ooz was named the best album of 2017 by Far Out Magazine. “Immersive. One word to describe an album can often feel a little trite, but immersive is the primary word used for describing the latest effort from Londoner Archy Marshall (AKA King Krule),” the publication wrote. “Following 2013’s 6 Feet Beneath The Moon was always going to be a challenge, with the LP taking so much critical acclaim, but The OOZ is something onto itself.

“The album feels like a meandering and menacing stroll through the dystopian world that surrounds Marshall, he envelops the listener with his frankly marauding and vicious soundscape and then finishes the job with his, at times, violent vocal additions.

“Deep, dark and wet with mould, the picture Marshall paints is nothing but consuming. A twisted yet clear view on the underbelly of society, warm with the blood of loneliness and scarred by the society which bred it.

“Marshall tries to hold the listener’s hand as he, composed and in control both lyrically and musically, guides us through this myriad of murky veins, ending with the acknowledgement that this land is not only real, it’s the one we are all living in.

“A near perfect record.”