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King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard release new album 'Infest the Rats’ Nest'


Australia’s most prolific band, King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, are back with yet another new album as they share Infest the Rats’ Nest.

Having just released previous LP Fishing For Fishies, the new material arrives as the band’s 15th studio album to date and a change in direction that comes with it as they mark first major move into heavy metal.

“Drawing on the mid/late 1980s golden period of thrash metal – Metallica and Slayer, certainly, but also lesser-cited bands such as Exodus, Kreator and Overkill – Infest The Rats’ Nest sees a wholly unexpected creative detour into new sonic terrain,” as described by a press release. 

The band have also described the new record as their “hardest and heaviest album to date” after deciding to trim down their massive band to three-piece lineup of Stu Mackenzie, Joey Walker, and Michael Cavanagh as they attempt to enforce “tight arrangements and maximum velocity.”

Stream the album full via Apple Music and Spotify, below.