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(Credit: Bertrand / Wikimedia)


Kim Gordon shares the new video for her song 'Earthquake'


Following the release of Kim Gordon’s debut record in October, the former member of Sonic Youth has today shared the new visuals, created in collaboration with Loretta Fahrenholz, for her song ‘Earthquake’.

Her debut album No Home Record came out earlier in the year to a fine reception and now she is backing that all up with a cultivated and cultured artistic catalogue. Ensuring the visuals to accompany her work are spot on. Here, that has been achieved and then some.

Kim says of the video: “(LA) is a really voyeuristic city and you’re usually looking at things from a distance. When I was in New York I missed the space. And in LA there’s also that sense of impending doom, whether it’s fire season or actual earthquakes. People adapt and everything becomes normalized. That’s what’s cool about the video. It shows people going about their business. People think of LA as quite a utopian place but really it’s sort of like a mirage.”

Loretta Hahrenholz, her collaborator on the project, continues: “I filmed most of this footage while shooting (the video for) ‘Sketch Artist’. I used a phone, and not a camera, because it’s a device that’s meditating on the city all the time. I wanted to keep it simple, so it made sense to just sit in a car, pressing the phone against the window while driving around, almost like a dash cam.”

Watch below the brand new visuals for Kim Gordon’s ‘Earthquake’