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(Credit: YouTube)


Kim Gordon shares new video of ‘Hungry Baby’ featuring her daughter Coco Gordon-Moore


In 2019 Kim Gordon, formerly of Sonic Youth, released her debut solo LP No Home Record. The final chapter of her memoir Girl In a Band, published four years earlier, heralded in a new age for the singer, she had split from her husband and Sonic bandmate Thurston Moore meaning those days were over but her status as an indie icon remained.

Gordon’s debut album was a triumph and proof of that comes in the fact that now, two years later, material is still being released from it. The video features Gordon’s daughter, Coco Gordon-Moore, working as a home improvement store employee at the end of a long shift.

After a milkshake tossing incident with a customer beyond the reaches of the word ‘rude’, Kim Gordon appears also working as another employee who orders her to “clean up on Aisle 9”.

The video then flowers into a sort of angry dance sequence akin to an indie Footloose, as Coco twists around with her mother’s song booming in the background.

The video was directed by Clara Balzary. The LA-based photographer and filmmaker told Rolling Stone that she was inspired to make a video for the track “after listening to ‘Hungry Baby’ on a 2020 angst-fuelled walk around my suburban neighbourhood.”

Balazary also added, “Coco is an amazing performer and loved her as this character with such a raging internal world set against that quiet and empty backdrop of the parking lot. I’m so grateful to Kim for being so supportive and open to the idea. She is such a role model as someone for whom an art practice always comes before worries about ego or branding.”

The video is just the latest success from a triumphant record that lay long dormant. Watch it below.