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(Credit: Pelle Sten)


UK votes ‘Killing in the Name’ by Rage Against the Machine its favourite Christmas number one

A poll has found that the UK essentially still prefers guitars over jingle bells after ‘Killing in the Name’ by Rage Against the Machine came out on top as our favourite Christmas number one. 

The poll might seem novelty on the surface but. It actually proved telling in many ways. Not only did it prove the power of rock once more, but it also revealed growing cultural divides as many mused. ‘is Christmas number one even still a thing?’ and ‘who the hell is this year’s frontrunner (again) LadBaby?’

The pool undertaken by the Official Charts Company and Nine Eight Books, as part of The Official Christmas No.1 Singles Book looking at the 70th Christmas chart battle, whittled it down to the final two: ‘Killing in the Name’ and ‘2 Become 1’ by Spice Girls from 1996. 

Around 41,000 votes were counted and Rage Against the Machine came out on top with what is now known as the Brexit percentage of 51%.

Back in 2009, the single first achieved the surprise chart-topping feat after Jon and Tracy Morter gathered up online support to conspire against The X Factor taking the top spot once again in favour of something with a little more substance.

When the single appeared on Top of the Pops on Christmas Day, it may well have left a lot of old people baffled, but it certainly proved a point, and clearly, it continues to do so.