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Kid Cudi joins upcoming John Woo thriller 'Silent Night'

John Woo is returning to the world of cinema with a brand new project which will take him back to the familiar domain of action-thrillers, an area that he has completely mastered. Known for his unique contributions to action cinema and his unparalleled ability to navigate the frameworks of different genres, Woo is directing a new project called Silent Night.

According to the latest reports, Silent Night will be Woo’s first film made outside Asia since 2003. What’s interesting is that the film will be a silent action flick that is devoid of dialogue, focusing completely on the visual power of action cinema. Big names such as Joel Kinnaman and Harold Torres have been attached to the project, with Kid Cudi joining the ranks.

“Based on what we’ve seen from set so far, it’s clear that Scott has a presence and gravitas that is incredibly captivating,” producer Joe Gatta said in an interview while talking about the addition of Kid Cudi to this fantastic project that has captured the attention of many action fans. “He is a powerful addition, and perfect complement, to this stellar cast.”

Woo must also be excited about returning to the US for the production of a film because he has been critical of the Chinese film industry. The pioneer of Hong Kong cinema has even less liberty now when it comes to making films in his homeland because of the regressive censorship laws enforced by the CCP on the Hong Kong film industry.

“I think in Hollywood they’re more professional, and everyone is so dedicated and focused,” Woo once said. “But in China, the film industry has only started. There is still a lot of confusion. There are all these movies, and they just grab people from everywhere. Sometimes we find good people, but sometimes people are not that experienced. It’s very uneven. It makes everything harder and costs more money. Plus, there’s too much gossip!”.

Silent Night promises to be an engaging thriller about a grieving father who embarks on an unforgiving journey to avenge the death of his son. Although the details about the release date haven’t been confirmed yet, the filming for the project started last month.

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