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(Credit: Maryland GovPics)


Kevin Spacey has been named in the Jeffrey Epstein trial by pilot


As proceedings entered the second day in the trial of Jeffrey Epstein associate, Ghislaine Maxwell, the actor Kevin Spacey’s name was mentioned at the witness stand by Epstein’s pilot Lawrence Paul Visoki Jr.

Epstein’s plane had been dubbed the ‘Lolita Express’ in reference to the Vladimir Nabokov novel Lolita about a professor who sexually molests a 12-year-old girl after becoming her stepfather. Throughout the case, Visoki Jr. has named various high-profile figures as passengers. 

Visoki Jr. served as Epstein’s private pilot for over 25 years and frequently flew him around the world, with the nature of these flights now falling into question. 

Also named as passengers in court papers were Bill Clinton and Donald Trump, the celebrated violinist Itzhak Perlman, actor Chris Tucker and the late senator and one-time astronaut John Glenn. However, given Spacey’s past of sexual misconduct, it was his name that proved most alarming for the jury.

Visoki was quick to add that he believed that he never flew any unaccompanied women under the age of 20, albeit he was not responsible for checking identification. It was later confirmed that he recognised a victim named as ‘Jane’ in court dispatches whom the pilot described as a “mature woman”. However, it was later revealed via her birth certificate that she would’ve been underage at the time, and she alleged that Epstein had begun abusing her in the presence of Maxwell when she was just 14. 

This revelation threw Visoki’s credibility into disrepute as he continued to claim that he never witnessed any sexual activity on the flights he piloted. He did add that the cockpit doors remained closed throughout the flights. 

This news regarding Spacey’s involvement in the questionable flights follows last month’s court order by a judge enforcing that Spacey had to pay $31 million in damages to House of Cards producers for lost revenue. 

As the Ghislaine Maxwell trial continues, more details are set to come to light.