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(Credit: Gage Skidmore)


Kevin Smith opens up about new NFT film 'KillRoy Was Here'

Kevin Smith has directed many projects throughout his career but none of them have acquired the cultural significance that his early work Clerks has maintained. In fact, Smith has been working on the third addition to the legacy of the Clerks series which is supposed to come out this year and is currently in the post-production phase.

In addition to that, Smith is also planning to release a film in the format of an NFT (non-fungible token). It was initially scheduled for a 2021 release but those plans were disrupted which pushed the production back. Even though many reports have shown that the demand for NFTs have been on a steady decline since last year, Smith is sticking to the launch.

Talking about the entire process of buying the NFT for the film KillRoy Was Here, Smith said: “When you buy the KillRoy NFT, you get exclusive access to the movie but more importantly, the specific version of KillRoy you get is YOUR KillRoy to do with whatever you want: Make your own movie, turn it into a cartoon, license him for lunchboxes”.

The filmmaker continued: “We started the story, now YOU get to continue it with your very own version of our titular character! And along with a brand new chapter I’ll shoot next year, the shorts and animation that the KillRoy NFT owners create with their own KillRoy’s will make up the bulk of our sequel anthology.”

NFTs might be a dying trend but Smith remains optimistic about the entire process of releasing his new comedy-horror anthology in this format, based on the eponymous World War II graffiti. “The KillRoy NFT offers an exciting and unique opportunity to go from art collector to collaborating artist,” Smith insisted in his latest statement.

Watch the new trailer for KillRoy Was Here below.