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Kevin Smith stars as Silent Bob in the brand new 'Clerks III' trailer

When Kevin Smith first broke onto the filmmaking scene in the 1990s, he had the same stature as Quentin Tarantino in the minds of many fans. While that may not be the case anymore, Smith’s run in that decade is still fascinating and it all started with one iconic film that has remained an indispensable part of popular culture – Clerks.

Now, Smith is set to return to the Clerks series with Clerks III which is going to premiere later this year. According to the details about the production that have surfaced online, Clerks III will focus on Randal Graves who survives a deadly heart attack and decides to make a film with Dante Hicks about their own lives.

Talking about the plot in an Instagram post, Smith said: “In the story this time, I give Randal the heart attack that almost killed me. But rather than succumb to the reality of middle age, Randal rages against the dying light by telling the story of his life in an indie film he shoots with his fellow clerks at Quick Stop!”

The director views this production as a tribute to the original film which changed Smith’s career forever and established him as a popular creative talent. Smith added: “27 years ago, I made a movie about Dante and Randal that made my dreams come true and changed my life – so now I get to return the favour!”

Lionsgate executive Eda Kowan also delivered a statement about the upcoming film, praising Smith’s vision: “Clerks III is the definition of event cinema, especially if you are a Kevin Smith fan or a maven of independent cinema. This film rounds out the story that started a revolution in filmmaking.”

Watch the trailer below.