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(Credit: Gage Skidmore)


Kevin Smith defends Marvel after Martin Scorsese criticism

With the highly-anticipated Clerks 3 coming to cinemas this autumn and his NFT horror film Kilroy Was Here on the way, Kevin Smith is receiving a lot of due attention at the moment. 

The outspoken comic writer and filmmaker recently sat down with Forbes for a comprehensive interview that covered everything from his latest work to Lady Gaga being cast as Harley Quinn in the upcoming Joker sequel. The conversation also addressed Martin Scorsese and his age-old quarrel with Disney’s Marvel Cinematic Universe. As expected, Smith’s thoughts are somewhat opposed to those of the Taxi Driver director. 

“In our very tribal culture, somebody like Martin Scorsese referring to comic book movies as amusement parks and theme park rides gets a bunch of people who have made comic book movies their lives for the last ten years very unhappy,” Smith began.

While Smith strongly disagrees with Scorsese’s dismissal of the Marvel films, he wonders why the 79-year-old director’s approval was held in such high regard by comic book fans in the first place.

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“You’re asking a guy who made Goodfellas what he thinks about Spider-Man, what do you think you’re going to get?” Smith said. “He’s a very serious filmmaker, and he’s a man who’s of a certain age and stuck in his ways. You should not be surprised that’s his response.”

Smith opined that such futile discussions would be eradicated if filmmakers stuck to their chosen fields and avoided taking the loaded bait that the press throws them.  

“We just learned early on. ‘Oh, don’t answer that question. That’s just setting you up for failure. Just redirect,’” he said. “If somebody’s like, ‘What do you think about these comic book movies?’ Just talk about like, ‘I love all movies, movies are my life, blah, blah, blah.’”

Much like equality in society, Smith asserted that the different forms of cinema should be allowed to co-exist without such abject friction. There’s space for everyone, and variety is the spice of life. 

“It doesn’t take away from your enjoyment of the thing. Guess what? For every old filmmaker who’s like, ‘I don’t get it,’ there’s a bunch of young filmmakers who are like, ‘I get it and I want to do it,’” Smith said. “We don’t have to ostracize the people that maybe don’t get or aren’t into the same movies we are.”

Watch the trailer for Kevin Smith’s upcoming Clerks 3 below.