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(Credit: Abby Gilliardi)


Kevin Parker reacts to The Wiggles Hot 100 cover of Tame Impala’s ‘Elephant’


It reads like an auto-generated headline from a faulty AI bot, but it’s true. Children’s entertainers, The Wiggles, scored one of the most eyebrow rocketing covers of recent times as they took on the psychedelic anthem ‘Elephant’ last year and the Tame Impala frontman, Kevin Parker, has since been discussing the fact it graced the Hot 100 of 2021 for the leading alternative Australian radio station, Triple J. 

The Triple J station is host to the long-running beloved feature Like A Version, which has seen stunning covers by the likes of the DMA’s with ‘Believe’ and even Tame Impala themselves with Kylie Minogue’s ‘Confide in Me’. However, this is the first time that a cover has topped the Hot 100 round-up.  

“If someone had told me back when we released ‘Elephant’ that, in ten years’ time, The Wiggles were gonna cover it and it would get Top 10 Hottest 100, I would’ve told you that you were out of your mind,” Parker told Triple J.

Adding: “I would’ve told you that that’s a ridiculous idea and I wouldn’t have believed you. If a fortune teller told me that was going to happen, I would’ve asked for my money back.”

Before dropping his hat and concluding that the wacky collective “made it their own, which showcases the genius of The Wiggles. They really gave it a new personality, a new animal personality.”

It has been a wild ride to the top for Tame Impala, but this surely represents the most surreal moment for the band in their ever-fruitful career.