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(Credit: Johnny Eastlund)


Kevin Morby shares outtake from 'Singing Song'


American indie-folk artist Kevin Morby has released a new tune in ‘Dumcane’. The song is an outtake from Morby’s third studio album Singing Saw, appearing here in a more stripped-down style than the kind featured on the original version.

“For reasons beyond me this version of ‘Dumcane’ sat inside Kyle’s tape machine lost and forgotten the last five years until Kyle stumbled upon it a few weeks ago while going through old tapes only days before Singing Saws fifth birthday,” Morby explains, referencing his neighbour Kyle Thomas.

“It felt like a sign from the universe that the song could finally take flight,” Morby continues. “I am so happy to share this document of Kyle and I making music in his Pine Room on some sunny afternoon in what seems like a lifetime ago.”

That sunny feeling comes shining through on the track, which is completely acoustic and almost takes the form of a gospel hymn, referencing church stairs and religious faith. Despite being sparser and less densely arranged than the material on Singing Saw, the voice and songwriting style of Morby is unmistakable.

As mentioned, ‘Dumcane’ celebrates the fifth anniversary of Singing Song. I the time since its release, Morby has released three more studio LP’s, including last year’s Sundowner, which functions as a sort of travelogue through middle America in all its rustic and pastoral glory. Like his partner Katie Crutchfield, better known under the moniker Waxahatchee, Morby can seemingly conjure folkie tapestries of ye-olde America almost out of thin air. Coming packaged with beautifully elaborate settings, Morby’s songwriting is more akin to story telling, painting pictures of dulled hues and sun scorched landscapes. It’s all very calming and very pretty to listen to. If you need a calming presence in your musical life, you can do far worse tan Morby.

Listen to ‘Dumcane’ down, below.