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Kevin Costner opens up about the death of Whitney Houston

Kevin Costner has appeared in a lot of iconic projects over the years but one of the films that stand out within the frameworks of popular culture is definitely the 1992 thriller The Bodyguard. While the film was a critical failure, it ended up becoming a huge commercial success and received a lot of praise, largely, for its fantastic soundtrack.

Directed by Mick Jackson, The Bodyguard starred Costner as a highly trained Secret Service agent who agrees to join the security detail of a superstar (played by Whitney Houston). Over the course of their time together, the two experience a wide range of emotions while dealing with constant threats.

While remembering Houston who tragically passed away after accidentally drowning in her bathtub following a drug overdose, Costner claimed that Houston’s image was perfectly crystallised in The Bodyguard: “When movies are working at their very best, they’re about moments and images that you’ll never ever forget.”

Costner singled out Houston’s cover of ‘I Will Always Love You’ and said that it was an indispensable part of film history now because of its iconic stature: “I don’t think we’ll ever forget when that little song came out, that she just blew up. She sang the first part of it a cappella and musically the world was never the same.”

“We have a moment of her in that movie we’ll never ever forget that and I think that when movies are working at their best, that’s what can happen,” the actor added.

A new remake of The Bodyguard is currently in the works but it has already faced resistance from many fans, including Houston’s ex-husband Bobby Brown who said it was unnecessary.