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Kendrick Lamar kicks white fan of stage for repeatedly rapping the 'n-word'

Kendrick Lamar invited a white female fan on to the stage to rap his lyrics before interrupting her after she repeatedly said the ‘n-word’.

Kendrick, performing at Hangout Fest in Gulf Shores in Alabama, invited one of his fans onto the stage to help perform his 2012 track ‘m.A.A.d. City.

The woman duly obliged, confidently rapping his lyrics which included repeated references to the ‘n-word’. As the crowd started to boo, Kendrick stepped in to stop her to which the girl asked: “aren’t I cool enough for you? What’s up, bro?” before adding, “I’m used to singing this like I wrote it”.

Kendrick, seemingly taken back, warned the girl “you gotta bleep one single word, though”. Anyway, the whole thing is pretty awkward and then she was ushered off stage after she said again: “Oh, I’m sorry. Did I do it? I’m so sorry… I’m used to singing it like you wrote it.”