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Kendrick label boss confirms he threatened to pull music from Spotify


As Spotify continue to reverse their ‘hateful content’ policy, Kendrick Lamar’s label boss confirmed he threatened to pull music from their streaming services.

Earlier this week Far Out reported that Spotify CEO Daniel Ek expressed an overwhelming feeling of regret over how the company’s ‘hateful content’ policy was introduced.

Now, in what looks like reversal of part of the policy, Spotify said: “Across all genres, our role is not to regulate artists. Therefore, we are moving away from implementing a policy around artist conduct.”

On top of that, the streaming service has re-added XXXTentacion’s “SAD!” to the hugely popular RapCaviar playlist.

However, Spotify’s decision to reverse their policy looks to have come as a threat to pull music from their services by Anthony ‘Top Dawg’ Tiffith, CEO of Top Dawg Entertainment. Tiffith reached out to head of artist relations Troy Carter and warned him against the policy, he said: “I reached out to Troy over there, we had a conversation and I expressed how I felt about it, about censorship, how you can’t do artists that way,” Tiffith told Billboard.

“I don’t think it’s right for artists to be censored, especially in our culture. How did they just pick those [artists] out? How come they didn’t pick out any others from any other genres or any other different cultures? There [are] so many other artists that have different things going on, and they could’ve picked anybody. But it seems to me that they’re constantly picking on hip-hop culture.”

“My whole thing with them was, we gotta fix this situation, and if it can’t be fixed, then there’s gonna be a real problem, we’re gonna have to start pulling our music from the site,” he added.

Spotify have too added more information into the policy, saying it was too “vague and left too many elements open to interpretation.”