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Keith Richards announces 'Main Offender' 30th anniversary reissue


In October of this year, Keith Richards‘ second solo album, Main Offender, will be celebrating its 30th anniversary. Getting a jump on the proceedings by a few months, Richards has announced that a special deluxe box set reissue of the album is set to drop in March.

Recorded with his backing band, The X-Pensive Winos, Main Offender was released in between The Rolling StonesSteel Wheels and Voodoo Lounge albums. Unlike Richards’ first solo LP, Talk Is Cheap, the recording for Main Offender occurred during a time of relative peace within the Stones camp.

“This is the second time around & the Winos are kind of developing,” Richards said at the time, “And if I can keep those guys together for as long as I can, it’s one of the best bands in the world. It’s a very intriguing band and the potential is only just starting to show itself. If I hadn’t have taken the Winos on the road, this record would probably have been totally different than it is.”

Richards continues: “I tried to avoid making too much sense on this record because to me that ambiguity and mystery, and a little provocation to make you think, is something far more powerful and more important than just wagging your finger and saying, ‘I know what he’s saying don’t do this, do that.’ If you’re a musician, silence is your canvas and you never want to fill in the whole thing because then you’ve just covered it all… One of the most interesting parts about music is where you don’t play.”

The new, super-deluxe Main Offender boxset includes an exclusive collector’s case, housing a removable, hand-numbered print of the original, uncropped album cover portrait. Inside is a unique art book with the album pressed on smoke-coloured vinyl.

The box set also comes with a new live album, Winos Live in London ’92, with previously unreleased versions of songs like ‘Eileen’, ‘Hate It When You Leave’, and a version of The Rolling Stones’ ‘Happy’. The original album will be fully remastered by X-Pensive Winos drummer and producer Steve Jordan, who recently joined the Stones as their drummer upon the passing of Charlie Watts back in 2021.

The box set of Main Offender is set to be released on March 18th. Check out the tracklisting for the box set down below.

Main Offender Tracklisting
1.     ‘999’
2.     ‘Wicked As It Seems’
3.     ‘Eileen’
4.     ‘Words Of Wonder’
5.     ‘Yap Yap’
6.     ‘Bodytalks’
7.     ‘Hate It When You Leave’
8.     ‘Runnin’ Too Deep’
9.     ‘Will But You Won’t’
10.  ‘Demon’

Winos Live In London ‘92 Tracklisting

  1. ‘Take It So Hard’
  2. ‘999’
  3. ‘Wicked As It Seems’
  4. ‘How I Wish’
  5. ‘Gimme Shelter’
  6. ‘Hate It When You Leave’
  7. ‘Before They Make Me Run’
  8. ‘Eileen’
  9. ‘Will But You Won’t’
  10. ‘Bodytalks’
  11. ‘Happy’
  12. ‘Whip It Up’