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Keith Richards hopes to record new Rolling Stones songs this year

Keith Richards will likely fossilise before he stops making music. Despite approaching 80, the rocker has said that he wants to get back in the studio with his Rolling Stones bandmates later this year. 

Speaking on Apple Music’s The Rolling Stones: 60th Anniversary Special podcast the guitarist was typically vague about the prospect, but he’s never been known as a man of details. 

Richards simply grumbled to host Matt Wilkinson that he “hopes” that the group will “have recorded some stuff by the end of the year”. Going on to add, “I just make records and then we figure out how they come out, right? That’s what I do.”

The transition will be a strange one for the band as they’ll have to record without their beloved late drummer Charlie Watts, and Richards touched upon that when he commented: “Oh, I cannot do this without Charlie’. But Charlie said to me, ‘You can do it with Steve. He can take my seat anytime’. And he talked me into it.”

In the rest of the ramble, he kept details sparse so it’s unclear whether songs are already written and so forth, but he certainly seemed to imply that he “hopes” something will be forthcoming soon.

You can check out the rocker still hurling himself into rock ‘n’ roll in a recent live video below. Will the man ever stop?

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