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(Credit: Keaton Henson)


Keaton Henson unveils new song 'Limb'

Keaton Harris - 'Limb'

English singer-songwriter Keaton Henson has released his latest single, the lovely piano ballad ‘Limb’.

“Quietly meditative” isn’t a phrase that I thought held a prominent place in my vocabulary until it was point out to me that I’ve actually used it to describe quite a few songs here at Far Out. Invest in a thesaurus, kids, it shall serve you well. So instead, let’s go with some other descriptors like “softly introspective” or “delicately reflective”. Yeah, those are a little different. I’m a professional writer, I can diversify my lexicon.

Henson’s vocals are quite jarring the first time you hear them. For the uninitiated, it’s a high tenor that wavers somewhere between a whisper and a coo, and it catches you off guard every time the song becomes a disarming plea for reconciliation. The intimacy and pure nakedness of Henson’s lyrics can feel almost uncomfortable in their vulnerability, but even if his voice might quiver, his intentions never seem to falter.

‘Limb’ comes after Henson’s eighth studio album, Monument, was released last year. That album covered the struggles that surrounded Henson’s father and his eventual succumbing to cancer. It’s a dark record, but one not completely immune to light, happiness, and even triumph.

Henson is famously an elusive presence, one not known to walk into, or even desire, the warm embrace of critical affirmation or fan adulation. He truly does just come off as a figure who does exactly what he wants to do and steers clear of anything else, even if an increased online presence, larger influx of live gigs, and more robust acceptance of life as a public figure might bring greater fame or financial gain. None of that seems to matter: it’s all about the music. And the music is beautiful, so I see no reason for him to change.

Check out the minimalist visualizer for ‘Limb’ down, below.