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Credit: Marybel Le Pape


Keanu Reeves names his five favourite kung-fu movies

Keanu Reeves is one of Hollywood’s most recognisable action stars, known for his brilliant work on franchises such as The Matrix. In recent years, Reeves has experienced a resurgence due to the immense popularity of the John Wick films, which transformed him into a well-known figure within the online meme culture.

Reeves has shown his range throughout an incredibly versatile career on multiple occasions. From moving and tender performances such as his role in My Own Private Idaho to his venture into the comedy world through the Bill & Ted films, Reeves is a multi-dimensional performer who has established a loyal global following.

In an interview with Rotten Tomatoes, the actor was asked to name some of his favourite kung-fu movies that deeply impacted him during his formative years. While recalling his childhood relationship with films, Reeves cited the works of Bruce Lee and other Shaw Brothers gems before adding one of his films to the list.

Reeves revealed that his childhood in Toronto was highly influenced by an independent channel which presented martial arts flicks at night. The actor said: “As a young kid, I had a little black-and-white TV set, and so I was exposed to these films — but I couldn’t tell you their titles because I was 11- and 12 years old.”

Those films were his gateway into the domain of cinema and his subsequent cinephilia. Reeves added: “I didn’t write them down in my diary. But I remember really enjoying them: the costumes, the fighting, the stories, you know; I mean, just all the different styles, and watching these people do these amazing things.”

Check out the full list below.

Keanu Reeves’ favourite kung-fu movies:

  • Enter the Dragon (Robert Clouse, 1973)
  • 5 Fingers of Death (Chang-hwa Jeong and Chung Chang-whu, 1973)
  • Fist of Legend (Gordon Chan, 1994)
  • Tai Chi Master (Yuen Woo-ping, 1993)
  • The Matrix (Wachowski sisters, 1999)

Although some fans would object to the classification of The Matrix as a kung-fu movie, Reeves believes there are enough martial arts elements in the popular sci-fi franchise. He recently reprised the iconic role of Neo in the latest sequel, The Matrix Resurrections.

Reeves explained: “I think I’m gonna throw The Matrix out there as a seminal, modern kind of ‘keeping the dream alive’ of the kung fu movie. Does it need an asterisk? I don’t know. Is it a kung fu movie? I would say there’s enough kung fu in there to make it a kung fu movie. I think so.”

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