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(Credit: Press)

Keanu Reeves has “ideas for days” for more John Wick sequels


John Wick Chad Stahelski has no intentions of slowing down the John Wick train as the franchise enters its third effort.

The series of action thriller films created by Derek Kolstad will see the third instalment Parabellum, released next year.  Keanu Reeves, starring in the role as a retired but deadly hitman seeking vengeance, is working closely with both writers and director to continue the franchise for many years to come.

Stahelski, who was in conversation with EWeven stated that the character “could live here for the rest of my career” and added that he and Reeves “have ideas for days.”

“I enjoy making these movies because there’s no limit. We create our own mythology, and we have a studio that both stays out of our way and supports us on the wacky decisions.” He added, “If people like it and want to watch more, I could think of way worse ways to spend your career. But, you know, we’re in the entertainment business. We’ll let the audience figure that out.”