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From Martin Scorsese to Stanley Kubrick: A selection of Keanu Reeves' favourite films of all time


 “I really love directing. I love developing the story. I love actors. I love the cinema of it, the way that you tell a story visually.“—Keanu Reeves.

Keanu Reeves, the iconic actor, director and producer whose stock continues to rise, has revealed a selection of his favourite films.

Having been expelled from four different high schools as a young teen, Reeves was never made for a traditional sense of education. When it came to cinema, learning on the job was always going to be his route. At the age of 15, Reeves began working as an assistant on his stepfather’s films and didn’t look back.

Studying the art of acting with prolific gusto, Reeves began appearing in minor theatre and film roles throughout the early 1980s before finally getting his big break in the 1986 drama film River’s Edge. The Bill & Ted films soon followed, as did a break-out role in Parenthood alongside Joaquin Pheonix.

Reeves dedicated a large portion of his early career to independent film, including the popular 1991 film My Own Private Idaho alongside River Phoenix. Building a name for himself, Reeves’ fame was taken to new bounds shortly after working with Francis Ford Coppola on Bram Stoker’s Dracula and the actor began working on blockbuster box office hits like Speed, The Matix franchises and, more recently, the John Wick series.

Now, somewhat of a cult figure of Hollywood, Reeves has time to reflect on a career built on the love of acting and the adoration of cinema. With a return to The Matrix, John Wick and Bill & Ted in the works, we’re revisiting some of the cinematic pictures that have helped shaped his creative vision.

When taking part in a Reddit Q&A a couple of years ago, Reeves was asked to name a selection of films he would consider to be his favourite of all time. Referencing some of the all-time great movies, Reeves cites the likes of Martin Scorsese, Stanley Kubrick and more as his inspirations.

See the full list, below.

Keanu Reeves’ favourite films of all time:

  • Taxi Driver – Martin Scorsese, 1976.
  • Apocalypse Now – Francis Ford Coppola, 1979.
  • A Clockwork Orange – Stanley Kubrick, 1971.
  • Stroszek – Werner Herzog, 1977.

When discussing Kubrick, who was known for his gruelling set demands and constant retakes, Reeves once said: “I would’ve been his wet dream!” when referencing his constant need to reshoot certain scenes. “After take 400, Kubrick would’ve been, [adopts grizzled Brooklyn accent] ‘All right, cut!’ and I’d be, like, ‘Stanley, can I do one more?'” Reeves said in an interview with The Guardian.

“‘Whaaat?’ ‘Look, I know I’m just drinking this glass of water, but I think I can find another side to this,” he joked. “Let’s just do one more, OK?’ ‘Arrrgh, OK, Reeves.’ You know what? I would’ve broken Kubrick. ‘Please, sir, can I have some more?’ ‘Take 600. All you gotta do is walk across the road.’ ‘Come on, Stanley, one more!'”

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