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Katy J Pearson delivers tenancy terminating noise complaints with superb second album ‘Sound of the Morning’

Katy J Pearson - 'Sound of the Morning'

Its ice cream music is what it is. It’s a simple joyous balm to life that you can cram in on a full belly, a crowded head, and just about anyone worth the time of day is bound to like it. Sweet without being saccharine and refreshing without dredging up that overrated word ‘challenging’, Katy J Pearson has delivered the perfect summer accompaniment with her second album Sound of the Morning, and it soars with the ease of a bird taking to flight. 

Without bringing up needless personal corroborations, it is a pertinent pastiche of the album that my three-year-old niece happily bound around the kitchen to it this morning, and my gran would no doubt say ‘the kids have still got it’ too. It’s rare to come across something as humanly effervescing as that. In truth, that’s a sign of artistic expression unhindered by any generational tropes or the misgivings of manufactured flourishes. 

It beings with a slightly ominous hum that seems amiss in the upbeat back catalogue of Pearson so far. It’s a sign of the production which she looked to push for the record, but the melodious plucking that it makes way for is a mark of the naturalistic approach the star takes with her music. 

As she recently told us in an interview: “I’ve always wanted to be quite understated. I have so much to learn still and work out that I didn’t want to make myself stressed and ill in trying to make something polar opposite, just to show people. I wanted to have a natural progression.” That much is apparent in the sound, nothing is forced, and everything is flowing.

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Sound of the Morning might not hit like a bolt from the blue, especially if you already know and love her debut album Return, but it announces itself like a friend you’ll be greeting frequently for an age—there are very few albums you can sit down with for the first time and confidently proclaim that you’ll be listening to this frequently forevermore, Katy J Pearson’s two records to date have done that with a knowing ease. 

What’s more, on this occasion, the slightly heavier intonations of some of the tracks like ‘Confession’ will have you blasting the summer sonic sunshine at such wall rattling decibels that your tenancy might be terminated and you have to move to nearby a beer garden without a care in the world. 

You can give the record a listen yourself below, as Katy J Pearson delivers yet another beauteous gem. It’s a record that could shift a raincloud from above a wedding precession, where joyous notes fall like confetti.

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