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Kate Tempest covers Bob Dylan in thrilling Strombo session


Kate Tempest has 'Tunnel Vision' on her new video

Tonight may be the biggest night of Kate Tempest’s, already illustrious, career. She, alongside The Big Moon, Glass Animals, Stormzy and others, is up for the Mercury Prize 2017 with her new album Let Them Eat Chaos. 

Ahead of that though, she has collaborated with director Akinola Dvaies Jr for the immensely powerful new video for ‘Tunnel Vision’. A track which highlights the misplaced hatred and untold tragedy in our modern society. As ever with tempest it is uncompromising and lyrically dense, a fact which is carried through the video as it centres around division and destruction.

Speaking about the collaboration, Anikola Jr said: “it’s an honour to collaborate with an artist like Kate and be entrusted to make visuals that we both think best reflect and fit with the body of work she has created. She is an exceptional artist and the positivity of her team has been inspiring”.

We suggest watching and really listening to this hard-hitting video.