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Kate Tempest (feat. Willy Mason) - Stink

Track of the Day comes from a lady who brought out one of our favourite albums of last year in the shape of her debut Everybody Down – it can only be Kate Tempest.

Last week, she brought us a lovely surprise by unveiling a brand new single ‘Bad Place For a Good Time’ on Big Dada.

However, it is the B-side ‘Stink’ which takes today’s title, thanks to a perfect lyrical delivery as always from Tempest. There’s a hugely engaging narrative right from the off, fitting into the concept of Everybody Down, which was written as a soundtrack to a play of the same name.

Another welcome surprise – and perhaps one that some might think sounds a little strange on paper – is a cameo from alt-country master Willy Mason. Thinking about it, however, both artists are esteemed wordsmiths and this most unlikely of trans-Atlantic collaborations works just perfectly.

Get the ‘Bad Place For a Good Time’ single and the album Everybody Down now, both of which are available via Big Dada.

Patrick Davies