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Kate Tempest covers Bob Dylan in thrilling Strombo session


Kate Tempest covers Bob Dylan in thrilling Strombo session


Out good friends over at The Strombo Show welcomed Kate Tempest to celebrate her album, Let Them Eat Chaos. She performed several tracks from the new album and covered the Bob Dylan classic, It’s Alright, Ma (I’m Only Bleeding). She also thoroughly discussed the state of the world and her role within the world.

“I think it is very important to say that when an artist occupies a particular calibre, a legendary place in consciousness – it can be easy to just inherent what others think about this artist,” Tempest said. “This goes for musical artists or literary artists or whatever, a filmmaker. When you discover that artist’s work on your own terms – that is when the magic happens. That is when it can be real and lived. Sometimes we can be so afraid of great writers and great singers. That’s when we don’t think that we have to investigate them. Then something great will happen and it will arrive in your experience and suddenly you realise what all the fuss is about.

“With Bob Dylan specifically, I grew up with his music,” she continued. “I knew that his lyrics were very important because they used to make my dad cry. I knew that I had to listen to it. The more profound moments is when I listen to him and suddenly realise that he makes me cry… As well as this being a Bob Dylan lyrics, we’re going to do it over a J Dilla beat, Over The Breaks by J Dilla. We’re paying tribute to two great legends. We’re going to call it Bob Dilla.”

So here it is, enjoy: