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From Paul McCartney to The White Stripes: Kate Moss’ best music video appearances


It seems like no matter where we look, Kate Moss’ pictures are omnipresent. Since the mid-1990s when she rose to fame on the back end of the super-model craze, her face and beautiful waify silhouette have become synonymous with the idea of ‘cool’. She’s a rockstar in her own right, and she’s dated a lot of them. Because of her seemingly ubiquitous nature, she’s been photographed in the tabloids, other newspapers and major fashion magazines countless times. She has become more than a model, in a sense, she sensationalised the ‘heroin-chic’ look, appearing in every photographed moment of the day after one hell of a debauched night. Many gazed longingly at these photographs, not sure if it was a premeditated fashion shoot, or actually a snapshot by a paparazzi who happened to be at the right place at the right time, capturing her off-guard.

Indeed, she began blurring the lines between her modelling work and her rock-star lifestyle, suggesting that she was more than just a pretty face, but a chameleonic fashionista who walked the talk. In the early 2000s, she took this perhaps a step too far, when she became mired in drug allegations and was consequently dropped from magazines. This eventually cleared up, and she was able to get back to her work. She is certainly an artist in her own right: she takes pride in her work and treats it as if she’s a high-brow painter turning up to their blank canvas every day to lay the strokes of new trends that people will eventually scramble after, wanting to emulate her every sense of cool.

Her career began when she modelled for The Face, which featured black and white photographs of her taken by Corinne Day; known as ‘The Third Summer of Love.’ These series are known for their ‘dirty-realism’ and ‘grunge’ look which would go on to inform Kate Moss’ overall aesthetic as a cultural icon.

It is no wonder then that she has appeared in multiple music videos for some of the best popular musicians in the world. When we see Kate Moss, we are instantly enamoured by her good looks and beauty, but also by her impeccable sense of style and we are equally intrigued the underlying subtext of her image. When we see her, we instantly make the implication that whatever video we are about to watch, it’s going to be really cool, but more than that, it’s going to be intelligent, poetic, artful and ahead of its time. Therefore, by watching it, we hope to absorb this essence ourselves, hoping to become just as cool and cerebral as the people we see in the music video.

Considering this, we decided to take a look at the different music videos she’s made an appearance in, which have elevated that particular video to new heights of cool.

Kate Moss’ best music video appearances:

‘I Just Don’t Know What To Do With Myself’ – The White Stripes

Arguably one of her top profiles she’s made features the spotlight on just her, where she showcases her amazing and provocative pole dancing abilities. The tune, originally written by Burt Bacharach and lyricist Hal David, The White Stripes recorded it as the second single from their Elephant album.

The black and white music video was directed by Sofia Coppola with cinematography by Robin Conrad. In an interview with Show Studio, Moss was asked where she learned to pole dance. Kate Moss responded with: “I had lessons at Astral, that strip club. It was amazing exercise, we did it for toning as it was more fun than going to the gym. It is so hardcore: pulling your body up onto a pole.”

“Sex With Strangers’ – Marianne Faithful

A peculiar song that features weird middle of the road trans-electronic beats and synthesizers, the music video is even stranger. It featured not just Kate Moss, but clones of Kate Moss, Alex James, and a bunch of lotus flowers strewn everywhere. The song is the lead single off Kissin Time.

By the end of it, Marianne Faithful teleports herself to Kate Moss from television via a telephone. The video was directed by Roman Coppola while the song was produced by Beck and Tony Hoffer.

‘Something About The Way You Look Tonight’ – Elton John

The song, taken from Elton John’s 25th album, The Big Picture, which features the classic writing partnership of Elton John and Bernie Taupin, was produced by Chris Thomas. It was the first single for the album. It was a special moment as it was dedicated to Princess Diana who died in a terrible car accident that year in 1997. The proceeds from the single went to Diana’s charities.

The music video features Kate Moss who stars with fellow superstars Sophie Dahl and Alek Wek. Not entirely sure what is happening in the music video. It seems like its about a lot of self-centred models and actors who are all having dubious love affairs with one another.  

‘God’s Gonna Cut You Down’ – Johnny Cash

While thrown into a slew of high-profile cameos, it definitely makes you stop and wonder at the fact that Kate Moss is in fact included and what that actually means. In this song, Johnny Cash is seemingly singing about the outlaws and outcasts and that you can run away from your personal problems as long as you want to, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to get away for good. Clearly, Cash, or at least perhaps so, thought highly of Moss, and so we should take her seriously as a face of the outcasts.

The producer of the song is Rick Rubin. The music video, which was produced by Tony Kaye, was made three years after Johnny Cash’s death.

‘Queenie Eye’ – Paul McCartney

Featuring another cast of high-profile cameos, Paul McCartney’s video showcases the man himself in Abbey Studios with the Maestro George Martin’s son, Giles Martin who’s sitting in the engineering booth. The song itself is a great amalgamation of White Album era Beatles with a modern touch. McCartney asks Giles if he should do another take, and once he gets the go-ahead, he makes his way down the stairs to his piano. This is when out of nowhere, celebrities begin to pop up in a very well edited artistic manner. 

Kate Moss is the centre focus of the party that ensues once the studio is jam-packed with celebrities. She is once again dancing in the middle of the studio, as a slightly envious but beaming Maryl Streep gazes upon her.