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Kate Bush promotes pay rise for NHS in Christmas message

Kate Bush has issued a Christmas message during which she focused on the sacrifices that NHS staff have made over the Covid-19 pandemic and called for a pay rise to reward their hard work and altruism. 

Bush joins the likes of Dua Lipa in criticising Boris Johnson’s offer of a 1% pay rise for NHS frontline staff despite the huge strain they have been under and continued inflation.

In the post titled ‘A Christmas Message’ on her website, the ‘Wuthering Heights’ musician wrote: “With nearly two years of COVID, are any of us the same people we were before? It’s left everyone confused and uncertain of the future.”

She continued: “It’s been a terrible time of loss for so many. I want to say a big thank you to all the people on the front line and in the NHS. I have such huge respect for all the nurses and doctors who’ve already been working flat out for nearly two years.”

Before concluding her promotion of a more sizeable wage increase by stating: “These caring people are showing such extraordinary acts of kindness to others. Let’s hope they get the pay rises they rightly deserve.”

With the pandemic very much back in focus, the legislative side of life is not the only thing she deliberated upon, also sharing her thoughts on the importance of savouring the little things in life in these trying times. 

She discussed seeing a goldfinch, Europe’s smallest bird, and mused: “It made my day. In these strange times, I really hope you can get the chance to stop for a moment and feel nature around you.”