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Credit: Phillip Chappel


Watch rare footage of Kate Bush covering The Beatles' 'Let It Be'


We’re digging deep into the Far Out Magazine vault to bring you an all-too-often forgotten moment of music history as Kate Bush sings The Beatles song ‘Let It Be’ alongside Peter Gabriel and Steve Harley. It’s a powerful performance that reeks of Bush’s undoubted class.

Kate Bush has had a long love affair with The Beatles. Like many people from her generation, the Fab Four represented the pinnacle of pop music. It was a fascination with the band that pushed a pre-fame Bush to pull together a wonderful cover of their track ‘Come Together’—it wouldn’t be the last time the singer took on a track from the Liverpudlian maestros.

Let’s quickly get one thing straight, this bootleg audio below isn’t the first time Bush took on the Paul McCartney-penned track. The singer took on the number as part of a rather bizarre ensemble while appearing on Japanese television back in 1978, the video of which you can also find below and perhaps acts as our favourite cover of the song.

Furthermore, it wasn’t the last time the singer took on the Beatles classic either, as she contributed a few recorded lines to the Ferry Aid charity release of the song in March 1987. Bush performing the track for four consecutive nights during the Secret Policeman’s Third Ball for Amnesty International—but while it’s not the first and not the last, this performance of the track is certainly the best showing of Bush’s love for the band.

Least of all because this version of the track comes complete with Peter Gabriel and Steve Harley’s trading verses as Bush delivers a beautiful moment for the crowd. The track is dedicated to Bill Duffield, Bush’s lighting director who tragically passed away a few weeks before, and is delicately poised in the beauty of the word and the stunning vocal of Bush.

It’s a beautiful moment shared with a gleeful crowd, while the bootleg isn’t exactly studio quality, and the incessant clapping could drive a sane man to the asylum. The song is only ever enhanced by Bush’s singing and is well worth a listen.

Below you’ll find all three versions of the song, Bush’s debut on Japanese TV, the Ferry Aid single and the wonderful collaboration with Gabriel and Harley.

See the footage, below.