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Former Kasabian frontman Tom Meighan teases debut solo track

Former Kasabian frontman, Tom Meighan, has teased a new solo track, ‘Would You Mind’, and has updated fans on his plans for the future. 

Meighan departed Kasabian last year, stating that he was leaving the Leicester group to “concentrate all his energies on getting his life back on track”. Soon after, he appeared at Leicester Magistrates Court to face an assault charge brought against him by his partner, Vikki Ager. He pleaded guilty and was ordered to undertake 200 hours of unpaid work. 

Now, in a new message on his Instagram, he wrote: “It’s no secret that I’ve been struggling for the last few years. Music is my therapy, and I have been recording some songs that I now feel ready to share.” 

“This is taken from ‘Would You Mind’, that I wrote about asking for help when you need it the most but can’t find the courage to ask.” He wrote. “Your support has kept me going and I can’t wait to get more music to you.”

In a joint statement delivered after Meighan’s court case, Kasabian explained that there was “absolutely no way (they could) condone (Meighan’s) assault conviction” and were “left with no choice but to ask Tom to leave the band”.

See the teaser, below.

The band are now fronted by guitarist and songwriter, Serge Pizzorno, and played their first show without Meighan on October 13. 

Since the court case, Meighan has married Ager and relocated with her to Cornwall. He asserted last December that the incident was a “one-off” and a “drunken squabble” before adding: “I regret everything that happened that night – what I can remember of it,” he appended. “I don’t condone it – it’s horrific. I love my partner to pieces.”

In a blog post last month, Meighan discussed his mental health, experience in rehab and “consequence culture”. The former Kasabian frontman is now sober, something he describes as a “victory”. 

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