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(Credit: Lindsey Turner)

Karen O is “fascinated” by popularity of Yeah Yeah Yeahs song ‘Maps’

Yeah Yeah Yeah’s lead vocalist Karen O has been discussing the success the band enjoyed following the release of their 2004 song ‘Maps’.

The track, which is undoubtedly the band’s most famous song, was featured as part of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs debut full-length album, Fever to Tell, which was released way back in 2003. ‘Maps’ would go on to be replayed, covered and hailed in the years that followed and, on numerous occasions, labelled as one of the best alternative love songs of all time.

When asked about the unprecedented success that the song and album achieved, she said: “I’m fascinated by it, I really am,” while speaking to Matt Everitt as part of BBC Radio 6’s The First Time show.

She added: “I’m endlessly curious about that song because it’s just strange to me. It was one of the earliest songs that we wrote for the [first] record. I remember it was like a daydream making that song; it just happened so kinda effortlessly and so incidentally.”

Detailing further, she explained that the song was birthed when guitarist Nick Zinner created sample at home. “I was walking past his door, I heard the sample and came in and I was like, ‘What is that?’ And then five minutes later I was singing basically the lyrics to it and then it was there,” she said. “It was like one of those songs that wrote itself in like five minutes.”

She continued: “And then yeah, it’s done pretty well for itself since then [Laughs]. It’s a love song, and there’s just not a lot of bands that have one of their biggest songs as a love song. So I’m pretty stoked about that, too.”