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Karen Elson details "traumatising experience" with Ryan Adams


Supermodel and singer-songwriter Karen Elson has joined the growing list of women claiming to have endured abuse at the hands Ryan Adams.

Yesterday Far Out reported the news that five women had come forward as part of a New York Times expose, speaking on the record about alleged psychological abuse.

Of those to come forward, Adams’ ex-wife Mandy Moore led the alleged claims of abuse. On top of that, numerous women who have previously worked professionally with Adams came forward and, worryingly, details of an alleged inappropriate online relationship with a 14-year-old female fan.

Now, Elson has detailed claims that she also endured a “traumatising experience” at the hands of Adams, she wrote: “I also had a traumatising experience with Ryan Adams,” in a post across social media.

“While I’m not quite brave enough yet to speak about my specifics. I’m encouraged that many women have bonded and helped each other heal. This is the power of sisterhood and I’m very grateful for these women,” she added.

“I hope all those speaking out are given the grace and dignity they deserve. The trauma that lingers is often a very powerful silencer of women as is the business that enables these men to thrive without ever facing consequences.”

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Here is the post in full: