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Karaoke Cribs


The Cribs bring something different and incredibly similar for the new video  for ‘Summer of Chances’, the most recent song taken from For All My Sisters.

The something similar: a Cribs classic with ranging vocals over an indie/punk riff and punctuated with a lead line that would make a robot melt. They take their usual stance and managed to deliver a slice of Apple Cribble with extra cream.

The something different: the video for ‘Summer of Chances’ is set in a Japanese karaoke bar and as the amateur artists sway and sing-a-long to their favourite Yorkshire lads, the band remain tucked up inside a 70’s lit studio spreading all their indie joy.

With a gig at the infamous Roundhouse accompanied by The Wytches tonight expect to see the usually timid venue turned in to a mass of sprawling lager louts being sprayed with amber ambrosia and almost inaudibly screaming the lyrics to their favourite songs.

The crowd will probably have a belter as well.