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(Credit: Pieter-Jannick Dijkstra)

Watch Kanye West's first-ever opera 'Nebuchadnezzar' here


Following the release of his latest gospel-inspired album, Jesus Is King Kanye West recently moved to announce his first opera Nebuchadnezzar. And now you can watch it right here as West took the show to Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles.

Tidal has been live-streaming the event which is “based on the biblical story of the Babylonian King from the Book of Daniel” and is West’s first foray into the world of opera.

The event was directed by Vanessa Beecroft and has been widely applauded for its distinctive direction. Beecroft is a frequent Kanye collaborator and the Italian performance artist has given Nebuchadnezzar a brilliant debut.

The opera will also feature West’s Sunday Service collective as well as the singer Peter Collins, and the group Infinity’s Song. Ahead of the show, Kanye took to Twitter (obviously) to share the setlist and the bible verses he would be narrating the show with.

Watch below Kanye’s first-ever opera Nebuchadnezzar.