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Credit: PopCrave


Kanye West's second opera 'Mary' sees him paint himself head-to-toe in silver


When Kanye West announced that he would release an opera this year, many of us scoffed. When he said he was going to follow it up with a second just a few weeks later we straight up guffawed. When he arrived to said opera looking like he’d just fallen into a vat of silver paint… we lost it.

The opera in question was Mary, the follow-up to his first operatic effort Nebuchadnezzar. Taking place at the Miami Marine Stadium as part of the final day of Art Basel yesterday, the opera told the Christmas nativity story through Gospel arrangements of Kanye’s work.

Some of the song’s picked up and transformed included ‘Devil in a New Dress’, ‘Love Lockdown’, and ‘Power’, as well as some more traditional Christmas fare. As with Nebuchadnezzar the main choir were dressed all in the same robes, only this time their hands and faces were painted silver too.

It makes for a lasting image of Kanye, all covered in silver paint, looking like a small child who accidentally got into this father’s tool shed rather than a piece of operatic history.

Find below fan footage of the event which sees the opera taking place on a barge in the middle of the water. It is, if nothing else, a memorable watch.