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Kanye West is building elite Star Wars-inspired domes in Calabasas, Los Angeles


Kanye West is putting his dream into practice by building a series of Star Wars-inspired domes in Calabasas, an elite area of Los Angeles.

It was only last April when West claimed “I’m going to be one of the biggest real-estate developers of all time” during a 105-minute interview with Charlamagne tha God. West added at the time: “What Howard Hughes was to aircrafts and what Henry Ford was to cars, just the relationships I have with architects, my understanding of space and sacred proportions, just this new vibe, this new energy. We gonna develop cities.”

It would appear that West is starting to live up to his promise with images surfacing of early formations of his Star Wars-inspired structures. As  Forbes pointed out, West previously detailed his plans to create “pre-fabricated structures” influenced by the Star Wars planet of Tattooine.

“We’re told Ye and his team are studying dwellings ‘from every period of man’s existence on earth’,” TMZ states. “Those who have visited the property say the proportions feel otherworldly.”

The structures have been pictured in Calabasas, a city in Los Angeles County, California, an area which has been described as an “elite gated community” and where West and his family all live.

See the image of his domes, below.