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(Credit: Alamy)


Kanye West and Beach House are collaborating


Collaboration has always been one of Kanye West’s greatest talents. The controversial rapper has worked with everyone from Justin Vernon (Bon Iver) to Buster Rhymes and more. He’s even worked with artists without them knowing, as poor old Aphex Twin found out when he discovered West had ripped one of his songs for the 2010 album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

Now, following his social media splurge earlier this month, in which he bashed Kim Kardashian for her parenting style, Ye is embarking on yet another collaboration, this time with one of the least confrontational groups in the known universe: Beach House.

On Saturday (February 26th) Ye shared a series of photos to his Instagram channel that show him in a cosy recording studio with Beach House’s Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally. To remove all doubt from people’s minds, West captioned the photos with an ocean wave emoji and tagged the blissed-out duo’s account.

The collaboration has certainly come as a surprise to many. On the surface, hip-hop and dream-pop seem to sit at opposite ends of the musical spectrum. But, West isn’t the only rapper with a penchant for swirling, reverb-laden ballads. Beyonce and Jay-Z were famously spotted, not quite dancing, but definitely vibing out, to Beach House’s 2010 Coachella set. Kendrick Lamar even sampled the group’s track ‘Silver Soul’ for ‘Money Trees’.

These photos mark a further development in the cross-pollination between these two giants of their respective genres. The collaboration is the first time Beach House and Ye have actually been in the same studio together, which begs the question: how are they getting on? You’d expect a personality clash in this kind of situation, but perhaps I’ll turn out to be wrong.

Kanye West and Beach House have both just dropped new albums. West’s Donda 2, which is only available on his Stem Player streaming service, was released this week, while Beach House dropped their double LP Once Twice Melody on February 18th, 2022. Only time will tell what this strange union will bring. Check out the photos from the studio below.