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Kanye West album 'Donda 2' gets a release date


Welcome back, fellow exhausted humans. Question: what was the cause of your most recent near-breakdown? Financial stress? Job frustration? Political instability? Well, this might sound quaint compared to those, but mine was when Kanye West refused to release Donda whenever he claimed he was about to.

It was my job to cover the album once it got released and to track its various delays as they came in. And boy oh boy, did they ever come in. It took about a month of delays, near misses, and complete radio silence in between for Ye to finally let the album go, and even then, West claims that the released version was not his intended final product. With every day came a new and exciting revelation, and by the end of my coverage, I was just happy to have the damn album released. I didn’t even have that strong of an opinion on it: I was just glad I was done covering it.

Well, guess what? We’re getting Donda 2. Yes, not even six months out from Donda‘s release, West has announced a sequel. Ye has apparently been working on the sequel since earlier this month, which means that we are almost assuredly not getting Donda 2 on its announced release date of February 22nd. Listen to me Kanye: I know it would be super rad to release Donda 2 on 2/22/22, but it’s just not going to happen my man. We’ve seen this before. Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me between five and seven separate times, shame on you.

So who is set to be involved? Former collaborators Moneybagg Yo, A$AP Rocky, The Game, Pusha T, plus… former NFL player Antonio Brown? Ugh, well at least Donda 2 is upfront with its exhausting qualities right out of the gate. Mike Dean, DJ Premier, DJ Khaled, and Future are all on tap to produce, with the latter getting an executive producer credit.

OK, time to place your bets: when’s the earliest this album gets released? The first week of March? Maybe on Ash Wednesday, considering West’s recent religious devotion? Surely before St. Patrick’s Day, right? Or is this all shaping up to be one big April Fool’s act? I don’t know, but I’m officially back on Kanye Watch for the foreseeable future, and I’m already getting haunting flashbacks.

Donda 2 is allegedly set for a February 22nd release. See you at the next update.